The Mini Coupe & The Teenie Two by DCS, Inc.


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Here are a few pictures of some of the completed
Mini-Coupes. All of these were built from kits, which are no longer available. The Mini Coupe, by Chris Tena Aircraft, was designed by Bill Johnson and was the very first of the modern material kits. The Mini Coupe kit was purchased "complete" to the firewall, with all materials required to build the airplane. Ribs were formed along with the spars, wing skins, fuselage skins, tail assembly, controls assemblies, landing gear, brakes, tires, tubes, wheels, and about 5,000 POP rivets. All this in 1972. My kit cost $960. The bottom two Mini Coupes were the first two proptotypes, and flew from Oregon to Oshkosh, and back, in 1972. They were powered by 1700cc VW engines.


Here are some pictures of Cal Parker's


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